Therapy Medi-Pedi

Two types of therapies available to target health concerns associated with hands and feet.  Maintain your daily life activities with any of the following treatments; all of which include a complete medi-pedi assessment and soak; skin and nail treatments; massage and polish.

Increased Circulation Therapy

Chronic Pain Treatment

For those who experience aches and cramps with the feeling of “tired” or “heavy” legs. Peppermint soak, and deep massage with CBD Oil to relieve pain and dilation of the arteries and veins for circulation.


Hot Treatment

For those with chronic cold feet. Increase circulation to your digits with Dermal Infusion Technology.


Diabetic Treatment

Very dry skin is a common symptom of diabetic clients. Increase hydration and heal fissures using almond and bergamot essential oils . Perfect for those with eczema or psoriasis.  *Apricot oil available for those with allergies


Active Health Therapy

Cold Treatment

Helps to kill bacteria/yeast and reduce sweat by soaking in antiseptic solution and tea tree oil. Then application of a moisture reducing formula, foot and shoe deodorant.


Anti-Fungal Treatment

Remove uncharacteristic flaking and peeling skin and uncommon yellow or white nails caused by fungus. 


Ingrown Nail Correction

Non-surgical and painless correction of ingrown nails using a brace applied to the nail plate. 


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